ZAID KHAN - Senior Lecturer

Zaid Khan is a highly experienced and accomplished expert in the field of training and development. As a senior lecturer in general management, he has spent many years teaching and mentoring students, as well as working with international firms to help them improve the skills and performance of their employees.

Over the years, Zaid has worked with a wide variety of organizations, from small startups to large multinational corporations. He has helped these companies to improve their performance by developing and delivering training programs that focus on key areas such as leadership, team building, communication, and problem solving. He has also been involved in the design and implementation of management development programs, which aim to help managers and executives to improve their management and leadership skills.

In addition to his work as a trainer, Zaid is also a dedicated and passionate teacher. As a senior lecturer in general management, he has taught a wide range of courses, including management principles, organizational behavior, and strategic management. He has also mentored many students and has been recognized for his ability to inspire and motivate them to achieve their full potential.