Seamless Technology

Do you know the future is seamless?

Yes, now seamless technology is transforming industries and societies across the world. In this technology automated and digitalized processes reduce costs and free up time to spend on adding real customer value. 

In seamless technology, there is no sewing, no seams, no stitches. It is a special knitting technology that uses specific circular looms to develop garments that adapt perfectly to the body, and garments of this technology make people forget that they are actually wearing them. This technology eliminates the fabric cutting and sewing process, there is an optimization of the production process making seamless production a lot faster than conventional. There is also fewer product failure since most errors, since most of the garment failures are due to seam failure, which translated into better quality pieces.  

Seamless Technology

By eliminating the cutting and sewing processes, Seamless technology provides a variety of advantages in knitting production such as savings in cost and time, higher productivity, quick response production and other advantages by eliminating the cutting, and sewing processes.

  • Fewer Sewing and Finishing Costs
  • Reduced Labor Costs, Lower Energy Costs, and ‘Just-in-time’ production
  • Reduced Yarn and Fabric Inventories, Quicker samples
  • Ability to transition from one yarn type to another without seaming
  • Different layers with specific properties, Breathability
  • Engineered zones and “wellness” applications
  • Different elasticity in different parts of the body
  • Design, Flexibility and Styling

The author is Electrical Engineer by profession and serving as a project engineer in the solar field in Pakistan. You can reach out at

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