What is Business Acumen?

When professionals listen about Business Acumen, they feel this word has some taste in it. And of course, it has. Having perception about business operation and progress, premeditative decisions for ambiguity, navigation, and griping of trends that will impact the

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Project Management Complexity

What is Project Complexity ? The complexity of a project is an element of a project that makes it difficult in understanding, anticipating, and keeping in check its entire behavior, even once given a reasonably complete data concerning the project

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5 Essentials of Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation:  Strategic process of coming to a dialogue table between two or more parties before going towards an agreement. Agreement may be in term of business or some other dealings. In a contract, there exist defined version of each

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How to start a career in Project Management?

Project management is basically planning and strategies of utilizing one firm’s available resources and move towards the completion of something new that is the concern. The main intention is to complete a given task according to client’s requirement and deadlines.

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Dark side of good leaders

Dark Side of Good Leaders!

I have been blessed to work with some exceptionally good leaders over the period – these include people from IVY League, Best Business Schools & Engineering institutes and finest Chartered Accountants who are top of their game. This gives me

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How Can Executive Coaching Help You?

“Coaching is changing and learning process of decoding client’s potential to what he wants to achieve.” It brings out the hidden unstructured diamond from the client’s deepest corner and converts it into beautiful pearls. It works homogeneously as the Chinese

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