Digital social Innovation

Do you know what is Digital Social Innovation?

Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is the invention of technology operating for the betterment of society, with the goal of creating digital solutions for social impact.

Social Innovation 

Social innovation defines as any type of innovation with impact, whether it’s creating a new framework or organization, to solve a social or environmental issue. For example, a collaboration between businesses and customer, or local health practitioners.


Digital Social Innovation
Tech Social Impact 

Tech social Impact uses technology as a way to maximize social impact of an existing program or initiative. For example, using robots to produce more vaccines and distribute them to different risk areas in groups during the COVID-19 pandemic is called Tech Social Impact.

Digital Social Innovation

Objective is to use technologies throughout the innovation process; from ideation to conceptualizing and rollout of new solutions. Therefore, they need to discuss it with local communities and various health stakeholders throughout the decision process, to ensure the solution takes its starting point in the problem.

Digital technologies to improve healthcare

Now personal health apps, AI diagnosis, and 3D printed prosthetics are all part of the new reality in the healthcare sector. The health care ecosystem, with its increasing focus on patient-centric solutions, is at the health and social innovator forefront of Digital Social Innovation.

The author is Electrical Engineer by profession and serving as a project engineer in the solar field in Pakistan. You can reach out at  

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