Brahm Memone

Master Coach

Brahm understands that everyone must have self-knowledge, mastery and understand how their inner life works, what brings integrity and well-being into their own development, so that they can in turn serve the world with great eminence and devotion.

He has worked and lived on three different continents, from which he has gleaned deep insights. What is severely lacking in the world is creative expression and being masterful, being at ease and the freedom to be exactly who you are, rather than a product of the constant conditioning from the overbearing noise. The socioeconomic construct we live into that creates and enhances the perpetual “human condition.”

Brahm serves those that seek to create extraordinary outcomes, to stand up and stand out, to raise their standards and be fully engaged in life; to be recognized as Invaluable in their work, business, relationships, and their community; to lead, serve and be valued.

In short how to Lead, Serve and Generate Value in an extremely uncertain world we live in.

Brahm has over 28 years’ experience of transforming individuals at large organizations and founder of High Impact Mastery.

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