About Us

Engenius is an international Institute of Higher Education helping Organization with ‘Executive Education’ for their people’s professional development.

Engenius provides high quality executive education. Our Faculty comprises of senior fellows who have their own direct experiences as highly successful corporate executives, founders and entrepreneurs. We do one thing, and we do it incredibly well. We are working with major corporations, start-ups and professional firms from all over the world, from managers to CEO’s, to identify and develop executive leadership and top talent within their organizations.

Engenius vision is “To become a leading platform, transforming people to leadership roles benefiting individuals and organizations.”

Mustafa Kamal, Instructor and Lecturer

To summarize, a compelling personal story, genes of success, and an inspirational transformation journey.

Powering and leading the transformation of K-Electric’s Finance and 2 decades of in-depth experience was just right for Mustafa to delve bravely into the world of entrepreneurship. His burning passion fueling this giant leap says it all.

At Siemens Headquarter in Germany
Session on Leadership
At the inauguration of KE's 132kV substation
At CMEC Headquarters in China
Attending training on PPAs in South Africa

Engenius designs the programs in line with the framework instituted by its founder, Mustafa Kamal, based on his rich experience in dealing with Engineers for over a decade.

The Framework

Mustafa’s 1+4 framework for career progression holds that Technical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil skills complemented with the following 04 key areas will ensure:
• Exponential career growth
• Increase job prospects / new opportunities
• Personal and professional development
• Entrepreneurial Skills

Our Principles

We don’t sell Certificates!

Learn and take action
A clear objective – The key to enter in any of our programs is subject to assessment.

Do your best; rewards will follow.
Participants get awarded certificates if they have actively participated in the programs and not just on enrollment.

Learning Philosophy
• Adding value through instructional design
• A Module-based piecemeal approach

Return on Investment (ROI)
We guarantee benefits of Programs are greater than the costs.

Platform and Batch-Size                                                                                   
• In-person or Online based on Instructor-led-Training
• Short batch-size enables learner to get the due attention and
  optimize learning
• Online Platform – Zoom 

Applied Blue-Ocean Model for Executive Education


Entry-level Assessment

This will be a two-steps process as follows:
• Apply and fill the questionnaire
• Shortlisting and interview evaluation

Please note that this assessment is not about your grades or IQ. This will ensure that learners fully take responsibility. The group will be full of energetic people so that maximum learning will take place.

Passing Assessment

Following are the key milestones to enable check and balance of the progress made by the learners in the program and a must for Engenius Certification:
• Attendance in programs – more than 75%
• Active participation through different activities in the scope of the program – more than 60%
• Final case study assessment – more than 50%